Sponsors Wake up “Rant with a Purpose”

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Sponsors Wake up “Rant with a Purpose”

Unread post by Brad West » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:39 am

How are you looking at who you are sponsoring?
There is a right way and wrong way to assess an entity you are sponsoring. Sheryl Loch has brought into light some real common sense you really should be looking for, but most don’t.

Are you looking at interaction or views and subscribers?
These are some of the things that really don’t matter but many people are impressed by.

How long are people watching the videos on the channel you are considering a sponsorship for? View duration
Are people commenting, likening, disliking, or sharing videos on the channel? Interaction

These simple common sense questions should be what you are asking about when you are considering spending your hard earned money no matter what platform you are considering.


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