Is Your Speakers Website Helping or Hurting

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Is Your Speakers Website Helping or Hurting

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:57 pm

Do you have a website just for professional speaking? If not, then you may want to invest in one and Lauren Pibworth is going to share with you why it is important.

When you do build your speakers’ website you will want to make sure your text is talking to the right person. Lauren makes a very good point about who you should be targeting on the website and I suspect that many are doing it backwards.

Do you have the 2 best kinds of testimonials on your site?

While she also gives many other great points (you can see the timestamps in the YouTube description), she touches on something I have seen a lot of and it drives me crazy!

Your speaker reel! I will list MY opinions about this below the video.

Your speaker reel is super important and to me it seems as one of the most important points in this particular business. This reel can highlight YOU as a speaker…in ACTION!

This short video can let an event planner see how you look and yes, like it or not, looks matter.

It also gives them a chance to hear you speak. Everyone has a preference for certain voices (think tone, accent, speed…).

Do you have a big personality or are you more subtle?

Are you one who struts the stage or do you tend to be less animated?

How does the audience react to you and how do you react to them?

These are all things that matter! You may not be a fit for every speaking gig and that is fine. If you don’t fit the audience, then your message may not be heard. Having a chance to speak should not be about getting a gig, but more about getting your message to the people who need/want to hear it and those people getting to use that message to improve their life!

A couple of things I have seen with speaker reels that may be a big turn off are…

FAKE as ever! Yes, I know that many production companies will set up an area, bring people in and make it look like you are on stage at an event, but most of those are sooooo easy to spot and that may be a real turn off.

Self-made speaking footage. If an event will allow you to video your speech, I advise you to do it! Some may or may not let you attach your own mic, but even so, you might be able to get some decent footage. One thing is for sure, invest in a tripod! Stop the bouncing of being hand held…it make me seasick!

Also make sure you are not just getting the back of people’s heads and if possible you may try to get more front-side since being front and center is probably not allowed!

Don’t try to get fancy with your self-recorded footage when recording. To many people try to zoom, pull back, swing and get the crowd…keep it simple and do a little magic in editing! Will it be production company level, maybe not but it sure as hell will be easier to work with.

Don’t be afraid of “giving it all away”. We have seen the reels of speakers that give us nothing…no meat to get anyone excited. If you have a 20 minute speech, you can afford to give away 3 minutes of “meat”. I doubt that every time you speak it is exactly the same anyway, so give that event planner something to draw them in, so they want to hear more!

In the video above, Lauren mentions testimonials. Do all speaker reels have testimonial’s…no. But, I can see an advantage to them if you can again get some meat! The testimonials that just have an audience member saying…”Oh they were awesome” is not going to cut it. As Lauren mentioned, let that person say why and how your talk has helped them. How they can now take action on their certain problem that you helped solve. Be real, again not some fake crap that no one believes!

While I could go on and on about this…I’ll stop and let you go look at your own website and speaker reel to see where you can improve things NOW!

In fact, come back and tell us what action you took to improve your chances of getting more speaking gigs!

Ps. I am not an event planner, nor do I hire for people to do speaking gigs, but I know some in real life. I also know a thing or 2 about video.

I watch YouTube videos.

Sheryl Loch. com

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Re: Is Your Speakers Website Helping or Hurting

Unread post by Lany Sullivan » Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:24 pm

These are all great video tips, Sheryl. I've seen some amazing speaker reels and some really, really shitty ones. It's amazing what people think is quality. Many speakers don't get booked because they don't hire the right people to manage their video and meeting planners want to see what you look and sound like before they hire you.

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