So Someone has Stolen Images

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So Someone has Stolen Images

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Tue Aug 30, 2016 4:32 pm

You have taken the time to get out your camera, take a great picture, edit it and post online for everyone to see.

Or maybe you used your graphics skills to draw or design a super cool image for your blog…

After you have it up and you are getting likes and digs for it, suddenly you see it somewhere you didn’t post it. Maybe it is on another Instagram account or used on someone elses blog…you think back and KNOW you never gave anyone permission to use it.

Heck, you may even notice that not only is your image being used by someone else, they even took your watermark off. Oh yes, you have just stumbled a cross a dirty thief and now you are PO’d!

But what should you do?

It’s not like you can just call them out in the street and go fist t cuffs over it…nope, you have to stop, take a breath and go about it in a more digital way.

So here is a helpful video by Sara F. Hawkins that will help you decide how you should handle that rotten image thief!

What to do if someone has stolen your images?

I have yet to find any image of mine that were stolen to fall under the Fair Use Act. If you need to know more about this watch When Does Fair Use Apply

So if you have had images stolen, what route got you the best results?
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I watch YouTube videos.

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