I Really Hate FreeBooting

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I Really Hate FreeBooting

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:29 pm

I bet you have seen FreeBooting on your favorite social sites…Facebook is a Freebooting nightmare!

I think Instagram is going to follow in the same steps if people don’t stand up for creators.

Some think Freebooting is all good and fine and I see people defend it all the time, but only until it is their works that are stolen, then that is when they get mad!

What is freebooting?

One thing I hadn’t thought about until listening to Sara was the Plagiarism side. Now Freebooting could be a double whammy! Oh how wonderful it would be if more people understood and respected this!

Or is it that people just don’t care because they are too lazy to create their own content?

Are we so taken with the idea of “Me, me, me” that stealing no longer seems shameful?

I tend to report things I know are freebooted. I know if I see a video on Facebook that is stolen from another creator I have contact with, I send the creator a note with the link to the freebooted video.

Maybe if sites like Facebook had a 3 strikes rule for pages that steal and claim ownership, this crap would stop.

YouTube has a 3 copyright strikes rule and they take down your entire channel! Can you imagine if Facebook took down business pages like that? I bet people would learn that churning and burning is not as easy as just playing by the rules and letting the original content creator have their copyright benefits!

When it comes down to it, would you buy from someone that steals from others?

How could you trust a known thief and what would they do with any info you gave them during a purchase?

Hmmm, they don’t care about anything but themselves, so maybe they will just sell your info to the highest bidder?
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