When Does Fair Use Apply?

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When Does Fair Use Apply?

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:07 pm

Fair Use is a term that many people try to use when they have used other people pictures, videos or words. Many may think it is an easy to understand term, but in reality, it is a bit confusing and not a black and white topic.

As you will hear in this video with Sara F. Hawkins, Fair Use has its place, but it isn’t a free for all!

What is Fair Use?


It was interesting to me that how many times I have heard people claim Fair Use when it comes to parody and satire and they may not be covered under the law as they think they are.

News and education also may get to be covered as Fair Use and people have a hard time understanding the difference as to why these things are covered, but they are not.

ARGH! As you see, it is not so much what you think is Fair Use, it is what the court thinks.
I try to stay safe and just avoid using other people’s work as much as possible.
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