Dealing with Website Scrapers

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Dealing with Website Scrapers

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Tue Aug 30, 2016 11:13 am

You may have heard of having your website scraped, but never had to deal with it yourself. But, when it does happen to you, what should you do?

These are some great tips that Sara gives. I have had to deal with entire sites being scraped. They took the text and the images. They even took the links, which was kind of funny and how I found the scraped site.

I have also dealt with just a post or 2 being taken, and that was a lot less worrisome, but still made me mad.

In both of those cases, they were handled in less than a week of when I found them. Other scraper sites aren’t so easy….which just makes it worse. Some, I just ignored as the site was crap, would never be found and they had so much mess that I knew it would be gone soon enough.

If you find your site or a post has been scraped, you do need to stop and think for a minute before you get your blood pressure up and give yourself a heart attack before you even know if taking action is worth it.

Thieves are just that, they take other people’s stuff and really don’t care how much time or energy you put into building it, so they probably don’t care if you’re pissed.

Your website has been Scraped, so now what?

Have you had to deal with your website being scraped?

I watch YouTube videos.

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