Popsicles and Hoppy Balls?

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Popsicles and Hoppy Balls?

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:35 am

Summer is almost here and what better way to cool off than with POPSICLES! Instead of buying those crappy ones from the store, buy these fun shaped popsicle sticks for the kids. WAIT...forget the kids, these will make for some fun Adult popsicles, jello shots and more!

Get your popsicle/ Jello Shots molds!

Now that you have sent the kids to grandmas and you are having Jell-o shots…time to have some fun!

Get out those hoppy balls we all loved as kids.

Make sure you have at least 2 of these so you can have races…yes drunk people on hoppy balls would be funny as ever. Unless you are the drunk that falls off and breaks a hip, that will be hard to explain at work on Monday, so be sure to get video!

Get your adult hoppy ball!

I watch YouTube videos.

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