7 Tips for Writers Drowning in a Sea of Content

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7 Tips for Writers Drowning in a Sea of Content

Unread post by krangara » Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:56 am

As I grow my freelancing career, I want to take up more clients, tell better stories, offer value to more people and, yes, earn more money too (Well, anything is better than the NADA I am earning now :P)

Anyway, I am not productive, as I have often confessed. I struggle to focus; I never get into any writing flow; I suffer from depression. So learning how to use my energy and time wisely is an area of interest for me.

The following article by Ali of Aliventures aims to get your priorities in control. to this end, she lists 7 tips for writers drowning in a sea of content
a. Utilize your WEIRD TIME - this was my favorite tip and something I need to LEARN.
b. Say "NO" Without Burning Bridges
c. Walk away from your desk
d. Ditch and streamline non-writing tasks
e. Focus on Quality over Quantity
f. Use Your BEST IDEAS NOW: This one made me smile because, while I am not a prolific idea generator, my idea brain lights up with something interesting every once in a while, which I am learning to capture in my notebook. HOWEVER, I keep postponing the creation of that content because I want to save it for the BEST sites...or the BEST TIME. Ali says: that time is NOW! ;)
g. Batch similar tasks: great tip


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