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Blab with RCUWomen

Unread post by JessMaynard » Wed Oct 07, 2015 2:04 pm

RCUWomen Blab ProChat Schedule:
Each Wednesday at 1pm EST Jessica Maynard - Gilbert will host a blab with experts we have interviewed in the past.
These Blab shows will dive deeper into the answers from the original video and there will also be an open seat for you to pop in an ask the expert your own question!

November 10, 2015
Yvonne Heimann - Websites & Webucation
After Show: Do you need answers to: Why do I need a website? What can a website do for me? When do I and how do I back up my website? or How to prevent website hacking? then you need to watch this replay with Yvonne!!!

November 3, 2015
Mark Traphagen - Linkbuilding
After Show: Links can be a vote for your website so making memorable content will encourage others to link back to you. Mark gets into an amazing talk about linking in, linking out, penalties for trying to cheat the system. If you are worried about SEO this replay is worth the watch!!

October 28, 2015
Sheryl Loch - Visibility beyond Social Media
After Show: Did you know your social media posts are not indexed in most search? So you are posting and posting on your favorite social media platform and people searching for what you do or what you sell don't see that in a search!!! You may be exactly what they need but you don't show up...What is the answer? Get into this blab and find out!!!

October 21, 2015
Stephanie Calahan - Money Mindset & Magnetism
After Show: Stephanie Calahan pointed out some hard hitting questions including "What do you need to be for ____" fill in the blank! For your business, for your family and for your business. If you haven't asked yourself that question you may not be reaching all the success you could be! We referenced once again the workbook she has offered to RCUWomen offered in the YouTube Video she did in the past as a good place to start this self-assessment. She also stressed once you know who you need to be in your business you can look at what works and what doesn't then create/continue systems to make what works happen & that leads to success. We also talked about her new program Money, Mindset & Magnetism. All the nuggets from Stephanie were great but we also had a great Q&A session including an inspirational hip-hop artist reaching out and great input from Dave Moore. So if you can't pinpoint your "sales problem" or your "visibility problem" maybe it's your mindset~watching this blab will get you on the road to that mindset that will lead you to more money!

October 14, 2015
David Kutcher - Google Analytics
After Show: Google Analytics are amazing. During our talk with David I took notes as fast as I could!! We discussed how important it is to go into GA with goals. Another key point that sticks right out is that is not only okay but GOOD practice to have an expert help with this and other things in business. That being said~There is a link to a free 15 minute session with David in the blab chat~so we all should sign up! BUT I am going to do some homework ahead of time: 1. Make sure GA is installed correctly. 2. Know who you are selling too~who is your target market. 3. Know what goals you have for your site so you can get the analytics set up. Last thought~ask yourself is your website intelligent? Is it really set up to work for you the way you want it to? Making your website smart starts with being strategic.

October 7, 2015
Sara F. Hawkins ~ Copyright, Privacy & Publicity in video

After Show: Legality is a BIG issue that can go all over our world. My big takeaways were if you have a brand in your video (even casually) your viewers may see that as that brand endorsing what you say~NEVER thought of it that way. Also trademarked brands have a responsibility to defend their trademark. Sara gave us some great advice if we find our own content being used by someone else. It was a big part of the talk but asking for a courtesy from that person to give you credit or take it down, each social media platform has a takedown process and you can reach out to them for help and there is the DMCA~connect with them via Sara's website listed in the comment stream!
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