Pacif-i, The Smart Pacifier

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Pacif-i, The Smart Pacifier

Unread post by Kirstin Hancock » Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:03 am

Pacif-i monitors your baby's temperature and relays it back to iOS and Android smartphones or tablets using Bluetooth smart technology. From there you have an accurate timestamped record and can graph it and easily monitor your baby's temperature trends.

Pacif-i utilises Bluetooth smart technology which provides ease of use, good range and long battery life.

Through the free iOS and Android apps you can track temperature and medication over time providing a time stamped record of your child's well- being.

The free apps allow Pacif-i to be calibrated from other temperature measuring devices such as infra-red in-ear thermometers.

Pacif-i is compatible with IOS devices that operate IOS 7 and later operating systems and that are Bluetooth smart enabled.

From your smartphone you can conveniently and accurately take your baby's temperature without disturbing them.

Follow the link to learn more
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