My First Blab & New Weekly Show!

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My First Blab & New Weekly Show!

Unread post by Terra » Thu Oct 29, 2015 6:13 pm

My pal, and fellow 9NEWS Denver Broncos tweeter, Rachel Moore and I had our first Blab today. It was so epic. It started out as us discussing ourselves and women in business in Colorado, when two hosts from the DIY Network joined. It wasn't long before our followers jumped, and then two hosts and a producer from ESPN popped in to ask us questions about Blab. THEN the CEO of Blab popped in to answer all of our questions. Rachel spent the entire time fiddling with the record button, so we only got 20 minutes of our 110 minute conversation on video - and because of the nature of someof the ESPN stuff, it needed to be off record. You can check it out here: and follow Rachel and I please :) We'd love to see you next Thursday, November 5, at 11am MST - and every Thursday after that. We'll be promoting and inviting in business people from around the globe.

As a sidenote, our channel is pretty random, so we won't always be focusing on business.

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