How to wear a Faux Fur Collar & look amazing!

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How to wear a Faux Fur Collar & look amazing!

Unread post by JessMaynard » Fri Dec 02, 2016 2:25 pm

I love fashion, I love helping people shop. My boutique is all about looking put together but feeling like you are wearing PJs. :lol:

So it was a real stretch for me to consider adding a Faux Fur Collar to my collection. But it did make me wonder & when I saw it... let me say I was so happy I did.

There are probably more people like me, you may be one of them...wondering "Really, I don't know about this". But once I figured out the fun versatility I know I can pass on that excitement to you.

I have included great images & 4 specific outfit ideas in the "How to wear a Faux Fur Collar" post.

I really hope it helps expand your closet in an amazing, creative way in the perfect wintery way!

Jess Maynard-Gilbert

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