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Hi everyone!

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:20 am
by Antonio94
Hi everyone! I'm Antonio, 23 years old from England. Since I was young I was already into gaming, comics, and all imaginary world. I've been playing games quite a lot and I also have friends who share the same passion. Gradually when we're in college, we decided that we want to become game developer. And so though I know this is not a pure business, I felt this is a really big challenge for us. Still we would like to pursue it and we're trying in our first project.
Besides gaming and designing, I prefer to listen to guitar songs. I was first inspired to listen to guitar songs was "The Most Evolved" by John Clarke. Later on, I found a Japanese guitar band on Youtube and I was quite a fan of them even now.
Occasionally I also do some tarot reading, if someone requires my service.
I hope to learn and share experience with you guys. Thanks!