The Solution to “I Don’t Even Know WHAT I Could Delegate”

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The Solution to “I Don’t Even Know WHAT I Could Delegate”

Unread post by systemsavvy » Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:02 am

You have 168 hours each week to design your life. You use some of the hours for sleeping, some for exercising, some for eating, some for showering, some for work, some for family. Do you use more or less than your allotted 168? (Click here to download your complimentary copy of Your Magic 168 Action Guide to help you make more effective use of your time.)

BUT – when you “run out” of your 168 hours . . . you are out! You can’t just create more.

You are limited in what you can accomplish each week by the mere fact you only have 168 hours. However, you are NOT limited in what can BE accomplished each week.

When you delegate, you can add 10, 20, 40, 80, 800 hours to your week. It’s almost as if you are creating more time each week.

When I work with clients, one of the first things they share with me is they just aren’t sure WHAT they can delegate. Dedicate 15 minutes to complete the following exercise. I guarantee you will find at least 3 items you can delegate.

Step #1: List your top 3 goals
Step #2: Pull you to-do list out from the last week and next week. What task does this goal support? Write the corresponding goal next to the task.
Step #3: List all the things that you don’t “have time to do.” What are the tasks that never seem to get done? What are the tasks you put off because you don’t like doing them? What are the tasks you are waiting to start until the “timing is right”?
Step #4: List the things in your life and your business that only you can do. What is your ZONE of GENIUS? The criteria is that ONLY you could do it. (This list SHOULD be pretty short.)
Step #5: Put a smiley face next to all the tasks that line up directly with your ZONE of GENIUS.
Step #6: Circle the items that relate to a goal but do NOT have a smiley face. These are the tasks in your business or life that can be delegated. They support a goal – and – they are not in your ZONE of GENIUS.

Congratulations! You have AT LEAST three tasks circled! Start delegating and start increasing the number of hours you have available each week accomplish your goals.

(Think you don’t have anyone to delegate to? Check out this list of resources!)

The next time you find yourself saying, “There just are not enough hours in the day,” revisit this post. When you delegate, you have more time to focus on what’s important so you really can get everything you want and enjoy your life without guilt!

Make today productive, rewarding, and fun!


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