Dream bBig - What's Your Next Goal?

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Dream bBig - What's Your Next Goal?

Unread post by systemsavvy » Wed May 03, 2017 7:48 am

If you could focus for the next 30 days on ONE goal, what would it be? What do you want to work on over the next 30 days?

It’s AWARENESS building time!

Allow yourself to think big during this exercise. No judgment. No censoring. No decisions. Just brainstorming.

Create a list by answering some of these questions . . .
  • If I could do anything I would . . .
  • The project I’ve been putting off the longest is . . .
  • The most important thing I can focus on for my business is . . .
  • The most important thing I can focus on for my personal life is . . .
  • The most important thing I can focus on for my health is . . .
  • The project that is ½ finished is . . .
  • I’d be thrilled if I could do __________ in the next 30 days.
Now – pick one! (Doing ONE thing is better than thinking about TEN things, so pick one to commit to!)

Use any of the following prioritizing strategies to help you narrow down your list.
  • Intuitive – Close your eyes, put your hand over your heart, and ask, “What do I want to focus on for the next 30 days?”
  • Momentum – Which item on your list fills you with the most excitement?
  • Eat That Frog – Which item on your list fills you with the most dread?
  • Eat the Elephant One Bite at a Time – What is the biggest, toughest project on the list?
  • Support – What kind of support do you need, and where can you get it?
  • Elimination – Look at your list, and ask . . . “If I couldn’t do ONE item, which would it be?” Then cross that item off. Continue to do this until only one item remains.
  • Coin Toss – Look at two items, assign one heads, the other tails. Toss the coin. Once the coin is in the air, you’ll have an opinion on how you want it to land. Choose that option.
Once you choose a goal, write it out clearly, using the most specific language you can. (“I will plan my dream vacation” vs. “I will complete my plan for a 2 week dream vacation to Hawaii by August 25.”)

Remember, a goal means nothing unless you take action and do the work to attain it. When you do attain your chosen goal, first pat yourself on the back, and then go through this process again to choose the next. As your goals evolve, these steps will help you stay on track!

Make today productive, rewarding, and fun!


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