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Business Tool: Airtable

Unread post by Lany Sullivan » Sun Jan 31, 2016 3:06 pm

For the past few weeks I have been looking for a database solution that would work for my business. I need to track a lot of data and content this year and provide more extensive reporting than I have in the past. I have been looking for a solution that would allow to automate certain elements, so my team and I can be even more efficient with our production.

Airtable has a ton of templates already pre-built that you can just load up and work with. All you have to do is edit the content in the template. I found it way easier for what I needed to just create from an empty template. Now, I will say their HOW TO videos are total crap. I mean, Sheryl Loch from Hot Blog Tips, should be doing their how to videos. I've had to watch a few of their videos at least a dozen times to see how this stuff works. Once you figure it out though, it's not terribly hard to use.

I have not done a deep dive into all the templates and uses, but I know that I am definitely going to be integrating this into my every day business functions going forward.

Lastly, you can't beat the price. The free version gives 1200 rows (kinda like excel) with no time limit. The pricing goes up to $12 per user for 5,000 rows and increases from there.

You can check it out here.
**Disclosure** This is an affiliate link, so I may receive a discount or compensation if you sign up for this program.

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