Is Your Coach Derailing You?

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Is Your Coach Derailing You?

Unread post by Lany Sullivan » Sat Oct 24, 2015 1:41 pm

If you hired a coach for personal or professional reasons, you clearly had a goal to improve in an area of your life or business. Stephanie Calahan noticed that many of her clients and others in her world were actually being torn down by coaches which is the EXACT opposite of what a coach is supposed to do.

I grew up playing sports and I had great coaches. They lifted me up, directed me, corrected me when I made mistakes. Coaches are there to guide you down the path you have chosen to go. Is your coach helping you or hurting you?

Stephanie shares a list of questions for coaches that I encourage you to reverse and ask these questions about your coach? Based on your answers you may need to evaluate whether or not to find a new coach.
Here are some signs that you may be making this mistake with your clients:

Are you energized by the drama or crisis mode of your clients?
Do you enjoy your clients needing you?
When asked a question by your client, do you immediately give an answer?
Do you phrase things specifically to work your own agenda “for your client?”
Have you found yourself “wanting more” for your client than they want for themselves or defining what they should want?
Do you try to get your clients to change to fit into the picture of what you think they should be?
Do you get gratification in being your client’s hero?
Do you have a difficult time taking responsibility when you have made a mistake or given bad advice to your client?
Have you found yourself talking about one client negatively to someone else?
Do you judge your clients?
How do you find a coach? Is your coach helping you? Share your thoughts below!

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