Windows 10/Edge and facebook issues

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Windows 10/Edge and facebook issues

Unread post by VirginiaJenkins » Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:28 am

Hello there,

My computer restarted 2 days ago. Since then my Facebook page has not been working properly. The friend request, message, notification and help buttons are missing. If I click where they are supposed to be, I get a blank drop down. The number of notifications show up but I can go to them. I can type a post, but an unable to click to post. I'm only seeing 2-3 posts, then the message "see more" but nothing comes up. Facebook works fine on my phone and laptop, so it's just my desktop computer. All other pages, emails, etc. work fine. Any idea how to fix this so my Facebook page works properly again?

Please help.

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