Pokemon Go for Politicians and Business

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Pokemon Go for Politicians and Business

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:59 am

We have all seen or heard about the Pokemon Go craze and if you haven’t, then crawl back under that rock.

There have been countless articles highlighting how businesses are using the game to draw foot traffic to their area/shops.

I have seen countless bars advertising $2.00 beers for those thirsty Pokemon Go players. Many just say to show the app and you get a special price on selected items. Many don’t even offer to have the game pieces at their location; they are just grabbing those that pass by on their hunt.

I saw a Sponsored add for Wild Waves & Enchanted Village where it says they have 15 Poke stops and the Gym. When you are the ticket counter, you can show them the app, get a discount and the will give you the map to find all the Pokemon things in the park.

Smart if you ask me, you can have a fun day and sill play the game. This is a win for the people playing and the business! I do wonder how many adults would take the offer and not tell their kids…really do the kids need to go? ;-}

Now this does not stop with business, the politicians are also jumping on board, or at least a few are.

Rand Paul has people who are out recruiting voters and votes for the upcoming election and instead of standing outside a regular store…they are outside a Pokemon stop/gym.
Hello…Lots of people will be coming by and why not take advantage?

Now when it all first started hitting every social site, I saw that the Trump campaign had jumped on board and not in the same way that Rand Pauls’ team did.

Nope the Trump team took it a little different direction and boy did it catch my eye…considering it was video…I had to see what they were up to.
So here is the Trump video -


Have you seen any interesting ways that business and people are using the Pokemon Go game to their advantage?

I watch YouTube videos.

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