YouTube Live Takes Over Hangouts on Air!

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YouTube Live Takes Over Hangouts on Air!

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:13 am

Oh my, we saw this coming a mile away, or at least a year ago!

Google announces that you will not be able to schedule Hangouts on Air through Google Plus events after September 12, 2016

Now you will be forced to do your Hangouts on Air through YouTube Live.

I don’t think anyone will mist those freaking events that you get invites to even though you have never spoke to the people nor have you ever attended their past events.

Google seems to be phasing out Google Plus piece by piece…will it soon be dead and buried just like Buzz?

Well, what they do with Google Plus really won’t bother most. But, what they do with YouTube and Live is where we will see if they make it or break it.

Many people have had more and more problems with HoA’s as the platform seems really heavy. If YouTube wants to keep up and not let FaceBook Live steal the show…they will need to fix the Live and give incentive to use it.

Personally, they best incentive they have is SEARCH which FaceBook doesn’t offer at all!

Do a Facebook live event and it is gone from peoples streams in minutes…YouTube videos however can be found in search for years to come!

If you think that your friends and fans will see your FB Live video because they get a notification…ROFLOL!

I bet many have watched this video to Stop Facebook Notifications for LIVE Video.

So unless you have a very attentive FaceBook audience, I would stick with YouTube Live and benefit from Search!
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