YouTube Updates Their Layout!

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YouTube Updates Their Layout!

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Sat May 06, 2017 6:10 pm

Ooooh, what’s more exciting than a new YouTube layout?

Not much.

YouTube changes are always fun simply because it fires people up! Any little change on the front end seems to draw out all the crazies! And I love the crazies going crazy!

So what are these changes? You can see them with a side by side video at – YouTube Testing New Layout
Well, one of the biggest is the lack of “Other Great Channels” on channel home pages. That is one that I will miss. Although many people don’t use it, those of us that do, love it to drive traffic to other channels.

The Dark Theme will be cool for those night time watchers!

How to get around will have a few changes, but I am sure once you see them, you will adapt just fine!

You will still need to make sure your Channel Page is Set Up. Will it be easier with the new layout? Not sure as all the channels I manage are set up. LOL

Be sure to pop over and see the new layout and subscribe to the Ginger Roots Media YouTube Channel, so you can stay up to date with changes in social media and video!

I watch YouTube videos.

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