Why "responsive" is not just a buzzword

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Why "responsive" is not just a buzzword

Unread post by AskYvi » Tue Jun 16, 2015 7:53 pm

Responsive is THE BIG thing and all the talk right now.

Hubspot has done a great job in this article displaying 6 reasons why responsive webdesign is so important.
Yes, you could argue... "my website is mobile friendly". Guess what, I'm sure Google will update their algorithm within the next year and put even more emphasis on responsive site. What's the difference between "mobile friendly" and "responsive" ... just read the article ;)
You don't get mobile traffic from your site?! THAT might be the problem! And don't you want to make it easy even for your existing clients to find your services and contact numbers to call you about that new job they have for you?!

Yes, responsive is the only way to go for websites nowadays!
And it's the only way me and my team have build websites in the last two years.

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Re: Why "responsive" is not just a buzzword

Unread post by Lany Sullivan » Thu Aug 06, 2015 1:45 pm

Responsive sure did feel like a buzzword when Google did their update recently. It seemed like everyone was jumping on that bandwagon.

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