Lend Some Pizzazz To Your About Us Pages

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Lend Some Pizzazz To Your About Us Pages

Unread post by krangara » Fri Jul 24, 2015 10:22 am

A few days ago, I was pleasantly surprised when a stranger appreciated the Meet Me Page on my personal blog. Her encouragement both amused me and elated me; amused me because I didn't think it was that good, elated me because I ENJOY About Us pages.

One of the primary reasons I am putting off the creation of a new website is my obsession with that 'perfect About Me' page. I want my words to throb with my personality, my not-so-funny humor and my dreams. My gargantuan expectations have left me paralyzed...but I am slowly chipping away at my reluctance!

Given my fascination with About Us pages, I squealed in delight after spotting Hubspot's article on some fascinating About US pages in my Inbox. The author contends that the the most refreshing About Us Pages do one of the following:
a. Tell a story
b. Show the founder's personality
c. Uses videos and testimonials to lend more credibility
d. Throws in an unexpected trivia or tidbit that makes the user smile
e. Clear, straightforward and customer-driven
f. Funny
Of course, you can combine the above traits into one About Us page, but the bottom-line is just this: SAY or SHOW something that will elicit a happy emotion from your readers. Make your words tug at their heartstrings!

Hope you enjoy it too <3


Live without inhibition, love without restriction, laugh without hesitation - you are an inspiration to all! So smile and watch others curve their lips upwards too! ;)

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Re: Lend Some Pizzazz To Your About Us Pages

Unread post by Lany Sullivan » Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:09 am

Kitty...don't let progress get in the way of perfection. :D

This reminds me that I need to update my social about pages and my personal website about page. I hate writing about myself. We might need to discuss this.....

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