Instagram Stories are Here!

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Instagram Stories are Here!

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Thu Aug 04, 2016 5:10 pm

Here we go, Instagram introduced their new stories. Yes, they seem similar to Snapchat Stories!

Some have said it is a Snapchat killer while others say that it will never work on Instagram.

Look, 2 places can easily have the same type of aps/tools/uses and do just fine. Both Instagram and Snapchat came out in different ways with different functions and built a loyal user base. So, I am betting both will survive this new development.
Should you be on both?

Well, I have the belief that you should pick 1 and use it well. Then if need be, you can add the other, but trying to use both for the story feature would be crazy for most people on limited time.

I really don’t see me using either for stories at this point, but if I did, I would go with Instagram simply because I have started building an audience there already. Trying to start/build a presence in 2 places for the same thing at the same time is hard.

I also think you would need to have different stories for each site. Otherwise you would be just like those people who use Blab and then upload the same video to Facebook and YouTube (and anywhere else that will take it) and get little return on most.

So are you excited to use the Instagram Stories?

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