Networking After the Event

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Networking After the Event

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:13 pm

You probably go to at least a few in events each year and have the opportunity to meet new people. But during these events you have limited time to really get to know about each other and what you do, so how do you make the most of that limited time to form a more lasting connection?

Business cards – Always carry your cards and don’t be afraid to ask others for theirs! A business card can be used to help you remember names, businesses and will be helpful in connecting after you leave the event.

Once you have those business cards, now you need to put them to use. Sticking them in your purse and leaving them will not do you much good. Waiting to pull them out in a month is also not the best way to use them.

As soon as the event is over, you will want to sit down and get those cards out…while you are still fresh in people’s minds!

Start plugging those names and/or business names into your favorite social sites.

Follow the people on Twitter,

Like their Facebook Page,

Invite them to like your Facebook Page,

Tag them in a photo of the event on Instagram!

If you are on LinkedIn, connect with them there!

And never forget to checkout their YouTube channel!

But, don’t stop there; send them a message referring to something you talked with them about at the event.

Ask about their business, family or what they thought of the event!

Maybe you have an idea for a joint project like doing an interview with them or inviting them to another event you think fits their personality and business.

While you may have the urge to send them a “here’s my business, buy my stuff”, I would discourage that until you know them better.

Making connections is a people thing, you need to find out what they may need that you can offer and that takes time, don’t rush it! Get to know the person, let them learn about you in a natural way. But, you have to 1st make the connection and nurture it!

What are some tips you have for using events to make business connections?

I am sure you have had success and maybe you have a story about what NOT to do when making connections at events!
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Re: Networking After the Event

Unread post by systemsavvy » Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:39 am

One of my tips is to plan time to intentionally connect after the event. I block out a chunk of time within 24 hours to connect on social, share resources, etc. For people that I think could be potential referral partners or potential clients, I'll follow-up with a hand written card. "Everyone" sends emails, I want to stand out!

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