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Marketing an Online Course

Unread post by Sheryl Loch » Mon Sep 05, 2016 3:21 pm

Are you considering building a course that you will host online?

Are you wondering what steps to take to insure it is successful?

Maybe you have a course already and it isn’t going as planned. Yes, you may have missed something along the way, but what?

We have been building a website to host online courses and I can tell you that building the course is easier than building the website. (Hmmm, maybe that should be a future course, if the cussing is excluded.)

Once you have the course and the website to host it, you have to think about marketing.
That’s right, you can have the best course in the world, but you need people to take it if you want it to be successful.

Now, we are going to take a step back, because I want you to do this process in a better order than me.

We need to look at marketing before we even build the course. Once you have a course niche, start looking at how you are going to promote it. Write down a list of ideas for grabbing the attention of your target market!

The website we are building uses a plugin called WPCourseware. This plugin is designed by the “FlyGuys”. Not their real names, but that is what I call them.

They have designed the plugin and they have also built their own courses, so that means they aren’t just flying blind (pun!)

They have a shit ton of info on their website and one article I really liked was 10 Proven Strategies for Marketing Your Online Course.

These 10 strategies are not complicated and you have probably heard all of them before. But, you may not have taken action on them.

1. Leverage Your Audience
2. Building a List
3. Mini Courses
4. Selective Offering Your Course
5. Long Tail Blogging
6. Affiliates
7. Connecting with Authorities
8. Using Social Media Groups
9. PPC
10. ?????????

Now, just looking at this list above you may think you fully understand what you need to do, but I suggest you pop over to read the article and get these things planted in your head.

As you read take each strategy and write it down. Make a few notes as to who, what and where you can start working on it. You can’t just blast your way with 8 billion tweets or Facebook post. It usually doesn’t work out so well, but you are welcome to try. I still suggest a more stable plan like the FlyGuys have lain out.

So after you think about it, which of these strategies seems the hardest for you to get started on NOW?

Let us know and maybe we can help you come up with some ideas!
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