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Someone is Using My Images Without Permission

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:20 am
by Sheryl Loch
So you have found some of your images being used on another site and you are ready to have a screaming fit, but is that what you should do? Will that really help fix the problem?

In this quick video, Sara F. Hawkins will help you understand what steps you should take if you find out that someone is using your pictures and no, screaming is not the answer.

I have personally had to deal with this and it is not fun. Some site owners are easy to deal with and will add attribution when ask. Others will just ignore you and they must think that if they don’t answer, you will just forget about it all. HA!

I have went to hosting companies and if you have some proof that you own the images, they usually do a takedown really quick. Funny thing is, then all the sudden the site owner who took your images…starts returning your calls and emails.

Many people I know have at some point gotten a notice about images, since free to use images sites and blog templates are not always on the up and up and even though you think you are using images properly, you aren’t and you are responsible in the end.

I have thousands of pictures I have taken over the years and try to use my own images every time…I know I wouldn’t get a letter insisting I pay money for copyright.

Now for those of you that use images, music, video clips…and what to know more about copyright and copyright infringement…I strongly suggest you watch Misusing Copyright Can Cost You! This video may save you from a lot of problems!

The best answer to “What can I legally use” is to use your original stuff (even then you have to be careful)! When that isn’t possible (I know I can’t suddenly pop out an original piece of music so I sometimes use YouTube Music Copyright Checks ) otherwise you need to check and double check the copyright permissions and always keep links & and documentation that does give you permission to use things!

Re: Someone is Using My Images Without Permission

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:24 am
by Lany Sullivan
This issue has become more prevalent as social media has grown. People share images every single day with no thought to laws that they may be violating. I'm really glad that we have Sara around to keep us on the straight and narrow with all of our business legal matters!

Re: Someone is Using My Images Without Permission

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 6:36 am
by systemsavvy
I was guilty and didn't even know it! 4 years ago, when I first started my blog, I created images using an app on my phone. I assumed (incorrectly!) that any image on the app I had full rights to use. It turns out - I had full rights to use them on SOCIAL MEDIA but NOT on my website!

Last year, I received a letter letting me know that I was in violation and taking the image down was not the only thing I needed to do . . . I actually needed to pay a fine! (Yep - ignorance of the law is NO excuse!) Luckily, I have an excellent business insurance broker - and she made sure my policy covered situations like this - and so I did not need to pay out-of-pocket, my biz insurance policy covered it.

Re: Someone is Using My Images Without Permission

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:44 am
by Sheryl Loch
Oh Lisa, that is terrible. I fully understand them wanting money for you using the images in an unauthorized way, but it sure sucks when you make a mistake and taking it down wasn't good enough or when they didn't bleep up reminders of how you were allowed to use it.

I think some people assume that an app or image site means use the images anyway you want but that is not always the case (as you found out the hard way). Other image sites will even steal images and they have no rights to give them away or sell them, so people on both sides get screwed!

Re: Someone is Using My Images Without Permission

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:03 pm
by Lany Sullivan
Lisa, that totally sucks! The silver lining is that you had insurance coverage for that! Most business owners wouldn't even think to cover things like this! So good job on protecting yourself on the other side!