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Which email to use for social media

Posted: Thu May 11, 2017 4:07 am
by Sheryl Loch
So you are getting ready to set up all your social media accounts for your business and you are wondering which email address to use to make it work the best...well here are a few tips as to why you may want to use a dedicated email just for social media.

I think you can understand this if you have ever had a social media manager or a virtual assistant that has been sending you text waiting on a verification email from a social site. It isn't fun for either party to have to sit and wait or bug the crap out of you because they can't do their work until you answer.

Trust me, I have been in this situation and was a bit worn out by the time it was all said and done...I felt as if I had wasted my time and the clients time.

So give it some thought before you sign up or even now if you are getting ready to hire work out that might need access to the social emails.