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Rewarding your Facebook followers.

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:42 pm
by JessMaynard
If we are looking to stand out above the rest on social media~well, simply put, we have to do things a little differently.

I love my Facebook page. That is the platform where my business (aka me) is the most active.

I do all sorts of things:
I interact with comments.
I ask for comments to interact with.
I post new arrivals so people can tell me they want it and I will mail it off to them. Shopping without leaving Facebook!! (My target audience is busy women who want to look cute but don't want to fuss with runway style. They want ease, comfort and style.)
I know that they are busy so I also share with them tricks to keep their closet in order so they can get dressed faster, fast meals and other fun things besides my boutique items for sale.

Here is one way I make sure I make them feel special~it's a Fan of the Week app for your FB page.

Click here and go to the bottom & hit add to your page if you want to add this for your fans too!

Re: Rewarding your Facebook followers.

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 11:23 pm
by Lany Sullivan
Jess, these are great tips. You do a great job of getting your FB fans involved and rewarding them when they take action!